10 Things Schools Should Teach

1. A true physical education, centered around gymnastics

2. A requirement for all students to learn good posture

3. A musical education (my best students are all in band)

4. A poetic education, where poetry is the core around which all reading is based. I am sick of having to re-teach the love of poetry after teachers have taught students to hate it

5. Repetition and memorization — which, according to both traditional educational theories and modern brain science, is the only way the brain learns anything

6. A language curriculum based on what we have learned from linguistics — meaning, students will be taught foreign languages when they can learn them, between the ages of 5 and 10

7. An ethical education, where students are taught to take responsibility for their own actions and not whine over every little thing; this would include etiquette

8. A reintroduction of classes such as shop and auto mechanics, as well as plumbing and electronics, since not every child is an academic or will go to college

9. A high standard of excellence — since this is what is lacking in most schools anymore

10. The trivium and the quadrivium

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