I made the mistake of reading one of Juvenal’s satires. There is so much fodder right now in the world. So much fodder. And it has historically not been good news for a society when the satires begin to get written. So, shall I begin?

And where to begin? I’m almost tempted to just run through each and every Senator and Congress person. Then hit the White House and the Supreme Court, move on to various states, various social leaders, issues of education — here I have a lot to work with, since my wife works in a public school, and I have worked in a charter school, a public school, and as an adjunct professor in community colleges and universities. A blessing and a curse all at once. So much to work with, so little time to work.

So much work to do, so little time to work. I need a patron. Then I could do the work I need to do. Anyone out there want to be a patron of the arts? Of philosophy? Of an up-and-coming vicious satire?

I’ve always thought the doomsayers were full of it. But I’ve seen too much of late, I see the wheels of history turning in a way that they have turned before. The barbarians are at the gate, and they are being let in by those so weak they don’t want to offend anyone. Even those who claim to be the strongest are weak beyond compare. The most terrifying difference is that the barbarians are also the most educated among us. On 9-11 we were attacked by a cadre of the college-educated. They were not the poorest, they were not the least among us, they were not even desperate — they were highly educated, highly motivated, and highly religious. This is a religious war. Those who say otherwise are those who have never had religion in their lives, and have no idea what it is even about, who don’t think religion has any real effect on peoples’ lives. It is these people who will the death of us all. Well, them, and others like them — people like the late Hugo Chavez and his worse successor and Kim Jong-Un– who only plan, like the dogs they are, to make cynical use of others’ religious fervor.

I’ve been all over the place — or have I? The satire seems to have begun a little earlier than I originally thought.

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